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Practice Areas

Auto Accidents
Did you know that New York is a “No-Fault” State, and that the person that caused your accident may not be liable for your medical bills and lost wages? Did you know that you cannot sue for pain and suffering in New York unless you have sustained a “Serious Injury”?

In New York, the insurance for the vehicle that you are in at the time of the accident is responsible for your medical bills, lost wages and out of pocket expenses (except for pedestrian cases, bicycle cases, motorcycle cases and some bus cases). Only if you have sustained a “Serious Injury” can you recover for pain and suffering. But what is a “Serious Injury”. It may not be what you think or what other lawyers are telling you. Call my office to find out if you have sustained a “Serious Injury” and whether you may have a case!

Slip/Trip and Fall
Did you know that if you fall on a public sidewalk, the City of New York may not be responsible. Did you know that in order to hold the City of New York responsible for your accident, you may have to prove that they created the dangerous condition or had prior written notice of it. Call my office to find out what prior written notice means and whether you have a case!

Did you know that most homeowners insurance policies or renters insurance policies cover injuries that occur on the premises? Did you know that they might even have coverage for medical expenses. Did you know that just because you were injured at someone else’s premises (home), the owner may not be responsible or liable. In New York State, you must show negligence before you can recover for your injuries. Call my office to find out what negligence is and whether you may have a case!

Medical Malpractice
Did you know that just because a person has a bad result after receiving medical treatment or surgery, it does not automatically mean they have a medical malpractice case. Did you know that in New York State, the value of the case mostly depends on the age of the person, their occupation, the amount of pain and suffering and the cost of future medical bills? Call my office to find out the true definition of medical malpractice and whether you may have a case!

Soft-tissue Cases
While our office handles exclusively all personal injury matters, we have a specialty in “soft-tissue cases”. A “soft-tissue injury” is an injury to a muscle, ligament, tendon or disc. Due to the fact that they are difficult to diagnose and appear to the untrained eyes as not as serious as fractures or surgical cases, many attorneys will not accept these cases and most insurance companies will not voluntarily compensate claimants for these injuries. Our firm has a unique approach with these cases. We work closely with health care providers that know what tests are necessary to document these injuries and what treatments are most effective. We aggressively prosecute these cases, and many times, litigate them in the courts to obtain best possible results for our clients. While other firms may feel that these cases are less serious then others and put these cases on the back burner, our firm treats each and every case it accepts as important as every other case. Our files never collect dust!