Why Refer Your Soft-Tissue Cases to Michael Goldberg?

I have found that most larger personal injury law firms cannot handle these soft-tissue cases properly. Either they are spending too much time on them, taking away valuable time that could be spent on their larger fracture and surgical cases, or they are completely neglecting these cases, causing them to fall through the cracks.

I have been known as the “soft-tissue lawyer” in New York for 20 plus years now. Many of the largest personal injury law firms in New York can attest to the quality of my work and the responsiveness to my referral sources.

Each year, the law on these cases changes, and it becomes more and more difficult to successfully process them. My office is geared up to process these cases, in volume. In addition, I work with a vast network of doctors who know what type of testing and documentation is necessary to prove a “serious injury”. My doctors continue to treat these clients, even after their No-Fault benefits are denied

Here are some other reasons to consider my firm:

  • I am practicing 25 plus years, with an office in NYC and Long Island.
  • For firms that refer multiple cases to me every month, I can offer a better fee agreement.
  • For many firms, I handle all OCA retainer openings and closings.
  • If a referred client has a subsequent case or refers another case to me, I consider that a referral as well.
  • I have top ratings with Super Lawyers, AVVO, Lawyers of Distinction and other similar rating services.
  • I have NEVER had a client file a malpractice claim against me.

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