Can I recover for my lost wages?

For an automobile accident, the No-Fault carrier (see above) will pay you 80% of your actual incurred lost wages, with a maximum of $2,000 a month (unless you have an APIL or OBEL policy, which is like extra No Fault coverage).  In addition, if you lost wages is above $2,000 a month, we can claim that amount in our claim against the insurance company that caused your accident.  You may also be entitled to file for short term disability benefits with your employer after you miss 5 days of work.

If applicable, this amount is subtracted from the No Fault lost wages that you receive.  It is imperative that you provide your lawyer with monthly disability letters to successfully process a lost wages claim!  For non-auto accidents, we can claim your lost wages in our claim against the party that caused your accident.

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