New York Lawyer for Soft-Tissue InjuriesLawyer for Soft-Tissue Cases

While our office handles exclusively all personal injury matters, we have a specialty in “soft-tissue cases”.  A “soft-tissue injury” is an injury to a muscle, ligament, tendon or disc. Due to the fact that they are difficult to diagnose and appear to the untrained eyes as not as serious as fractures or surgical cases, many attorneys will not accept these cases and most insurance companies will not voluntarily compensate claimants for these injuries.

Our firm has a unique approach with these cases

We work closely with health care providers that know what tests are necessary to document these injuries and what treatments are most effective. We aggressively prosecute these cases, and many times, litigate them in the courts to obtain best possible results for our clients.

While other firms may feel that these cases are less serious then others and put these cases on the back burner, our firm treats each and every case it accepts as important as every other case. Our files never collect dust!

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