What Is My Case Worth?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for an attorney to give you an reliable estimate of the value of your case soon after the accident.  Typically, we need more information to give you a true value of your case. Some of these factors that we need include the following:  Who is the insurance company?  What are the policy limits of the vehicle?  How much damage was there to the cars involved?  Did you go to the emergency room from the scene?  What did your MRIs reveal?  How many months of physical therapy and/or chiropractic treatment did you receive?  Did you miss any work?  Are you out of pocket any lost wages that wasn’t covered by No Fault?  Did you have surgery or pain management?  Did you have any fractures or scars?

However, in many cases we can recognize early on the potential for a large case value (fracture cases, surgical cases, scarring, etc.).  In these cases, the policy limits and insurance companies involved plays a large part of the ultimate recovery amount.  In most of these serious injury cases, it is necessary to litigate them and push the insurance companies in the court to get maximum value!

With my clients, I generally like to wait at least 90 days so I have most of the above information to conduct a proper case evaluation.  It is not recommended that you retain an attorney that will give you a case value at the beginning of a case.  Typically they are just throwing over inflated numbers at you in the hopes that you will retain them!


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