Will my case settle in court or out of court and how long will it take?

All of our cases start “out of court”, meaning that we may attempt to settle them without filing a lawsuit.  In fact, many of our cases settle within 6-8 months of the accident.  However, some insurance companies will low ball the client and will not take the case seriously unless the case is in court.  As such, if we believe that your case has substantial value, it may be in your best interests for us to file the lawsuit and either settle the case in court at the right time or take the case to trial.  In such a case, it is difficult to give an exact time table of how long it will take.  It is true that the legal process can often take years to conclusion (especially due to COVID-related court closings).

A generally rule of thumb is that cases with higher values often take longer in the courts, as the insurance companies do not write 6-7 figure checks to clients without a long and protracted legal fight!    Not to worry though, as our firm has litigated over a thousand cases and we have taken many cases to verdict.  We do not let the insurance companies push us around or dictate the terms of the litigation!

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